Day 23: Update from Nashville

From Tim Wambach: Miles- 30

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t think there was a chance I was getting my 30 in when we arrived in Nashville.

So, my plan was to get my 30 miles in Sandy Springs and then drive to Nashville. After getting 21.39mi – I was spent. My legs felt like jello. My feet felt like they were in cement. I didn’t feel like moving. I called an audible. I would shower back at the hotel and then we would load the van and high tail it to Nashville. I felt confident because Nashville is on Central time. We were going to gain an hour!

Not sure what exactly happened – but that gained hour vanished quickly. I never saw it. At least I was able to rest and ice in the van. We get to our hotel and it is not what we expected. Plus it was on the second floor with no elevator. One hit after another.

I got out of the hotel after 5p. I only had 8.61mi to go. Quickly, I found that there was no real running path near the hotel. I walked around trying to find something, to no avail. I felt like quitting. I had one last plan. Have Dave Kunicki pick me up and drive me somewhere, anywhere.

We found Shelby Bottoms Trail. Win! Sun was going down fast. We went for it! I was able to get more than a few miles on the trail and then there was a bike path that led to Nissan Stadium where the Titans play. Dave let me know that I finished my 30th mile on Victory BLVD.

A victory indeed!

Today was a prime example of how fortitude and persistence will help you reach your goals, especially when they seem out of reach.



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