Day 25: Update from Tennessee

tim-day-25From Tim Wambach: Miles- 10.73

To say I’m disappointed would be an understatement. Please, don’t take that as be being down, defeated, or giving up.

Last night I was seriously considering taking today off. This morning, I jumped into action. I was able to get a real good night’s sleep and my foot did not appear to get worse.

I headed out to Shelby Bottoms Nature Center with one goal in mind – to get as many miles in as I could. I was determined to —> keep on.

I started off slooooow. But I was moving and I was grateful for that. I saw more deer today than any other day on this journey. Reminded me of running thru the forest back home.

I encountered my first snake . I didn’t notice it until I was a step away, so I channeled my inner Ed Nealy and got over that thing with a less than mediocre vertical jump. Luckily, the snake went forward and did not attack me. LOL I think it was just your basic gardener snake, but I wasn’t going to take any chances. Sorry Letitia Wambach, now you are going to have to add 🐍to the list with 🐊 and so on.

The only good thing about going slow was I was able to get some pictures. I’m truly lucky to be able to see all this great scenery. For the past few weeks, my right foot and left foot have kind of taken turns on which one is giving me issues. Today, they both were. The blister didn’t get worse, but that sucker is so damn deep, that it feels like I’m walking on a pin with each step.

The right foot decided to really act up today too. This time, it was the top of my right foot. The tendons felt like they were being pulled in knots. Once, I started to feel that, I knew it was time to pack it in.

So, what does this mean for the rest of the challenge?

Not too much. I’m going to rest the reminder of today, get as many miles in tomorrow before we head out to Dayton, OH.

We have a 5.5 hour drive. Plus we lose an hour with the time zone change. Tomorrow will be a long day. Rest up while I can!

Thanks for your support!



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