Day 26: Update from Dayton

From Tim Wambach- Miles: 7.58

Not much to be said on this one. It was a travel day – with a 5.5 hour drive ahead to Dayton, I had to look reality in the face. My blister is getting bigger and more painful. Today, I was walking like a friggin’ Zombie.

The good news we are in Dayton and tomorrow is a new day. On the drive over here I did some deep thinking about my situation. The last two days I noticed that the first hour was actually pretty good. So, tomorrow I’m going to try a little out of the box thinking.

I will move for an Hour, then 15-30minutes off. Repeat. It’s hard to get excited about “clocking in” for 7.58 when your goal is 30. But, I clocked in. I did what I could.

Honestly, there has to be a lesson here. I’m not one to hold my hat on moral victories, but it feels like that is what I have had to do. Not looking for any outside help, this is an inside job. I will continue to dig deep and do the best that I can. I will continue to search for answers.

I will continue to #KeepOn



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