Day 31: Update from Indiana

From Tim Wambach: Miles- 30

This morning was slooooow moving. Woke up at 5am – didn’t get out of the hotel until almost 6:30am. My quads were sore, my legs were tight. I was not moving like I wanted, but I was moving.

I did 17 miles with my guy Fili Puga before noon. (Fili ran 20 miles with me yesterday!) The clouds looked ominous. Forecast didn’t call for rain, just clouds. I felt like I needed a change of pace and I didn’t like the look of the clouds, so I opted to go to Lifetime Fitness.

Wouldn’t you know it – as soon as I got on the treadmill the clouds lifted and the sun started to peak out. Oh well.

Looks like Lifetime Fitness will be my home the next couple of days – thunder storms are in the forecast for both days. Unfortunately – this will be a stretch where I am alone until Sunday night. Fili left this evening after cooking dinner – Chilaquiles!!!! What a meal!

Looking forward to being alone for a few days and doing some even deeper reflection. Hard to believe we are in single digits of me coming home!!! Can’t wait for Saturday, October 8th!!! All of you are invited!!!!




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