Day 31: Update from Indianapolis

From Tim Wambach: Miles- 30

The rain gods dumped a whole lot of wetness all day – regulating me to the treadmill. All 30 miles. I started off at the hotel gym. I was only able to go at an hour at a time. Plus, for whatever reason a lot of hotel guests wanted to use the one treadmill they have.

Luckily, our hotel has an awesome perk – they have a relationship with Lifetime Fitness where guests can go for free!!!! I took full advantage of that perk!

Even my crew got in on the game – Fili Puga got in 20 miles!!!!! All in all not a bad day! Forecast looks like rain for the next couple of days – so I might be a repeat customer here.

I do have to say, 30 miles on the treadmill is almost as much of a mind game as it is a physical one. Possibly more so. That’s a debate for another day.




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