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Day 31: Update from Indiana

From Tim Wambach: Miles- 30 This morning was slooooow moving. Woke up at 5am – didn’t get out of the hotel until almost 6:30am. My quads were sore, my legs were tight. I was not moving like I wanted, but I was moving. I did 17 miles with my guy Fili

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Day 31: Update from Indianapolis

From Tim Wambach: Miles- 30 The rain gods dumped a whole lot of wetness all day – regulating me to the treadmill. All 30 miles. I started off at the hotel gym. I was only able to go at an hour at a time. Plus, for whatever reason a lot of

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Day 30: Update from Indianapolis

From Tim Wambach: Miles- 30.11 Got back on track today. Said good-bye to Dave Kunicki and will be saying hello to Fili Puga later this evening. A much needed good day. Everything seemed to work. No major issues anywhere. Felt good throughout the day. Was able to actually run quite a

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